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Welcome to the BIBDIA Online-Public-Access-Catalogue.

The WWW-OPAC allows you to find and retrieve information from the library's
online catalogue. This is done by filling out any of the three available
query-entry-forms (QEFs) and submitting the query for execution.
As a result of the exeution, the system returns a list of short-titles, the short-titlelist.
The user can select any number of titles from that short-title list and then request
the system to deliver the full-title information.

Using the WWW-OPAC system can be simplified as follows:

1. Choose one of the three available query-entry-forms.
    (Simple, Selective or Extended Query)
2. Execute the query.
3. View the returned short-title list. If the system doesn't return the expected result,
    go back to the query-entry-form and provide other or more accurate information.
    If you have problems specifying your query in one form, try out one of the others.
    All QEF have their unique advantages and drawbacks.
4. Mark the short-titles of interest and request the system to provide
    the full-title information.
5. Return to the short-title list, mark other titles as needed or return to
   the query-entry-form. To proceed, choose one of the following query-entry-forms.
   The novice user should probably start with the Simple Query-Entry-Form.
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